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Answer: The term "Open Access Network" describes a network that allows multiple service providers to provide services to the end users connected to the network. This presents options for the customer in choosing from several connected service providers based on services they offer, the technical standard, and price. An Open Access Network promotes competition between connected service providers benefiting the customer by improved service levels and competitive pricing."

Answer: You should contact your service provider if you are experiencing problems with your subscription or connection. To better identify the problem, please consider the following questions:

1. Have you connected your network cable directly into the data port on your ONT? Or, are you using a router or another kind of wireless connection? If so, do you experience the same problem if you restart the router by unplugging it for several minutes?

2. Is the network cable unplugged or damaged?

3. Do you experience the problem at a particular time of day or throughout the day?

Providing as much information as possible to your service provider will help them resolve issues quickly. After investigating the issue, your service provider will contact us as Operator if necessary.

Answer: You should use a "straight-through" network cable (TP-cable) with a RJ-45 connector when you connect your computer to the data socket. If you are uncertain which cable you have, please contact your service provider.